Schedule of Venerable Khenpo Vagindra Shila

April 2009

>> Teaching Uttaratantra for 2 months in Spain



Plan of Triyana

Build kitchen, toilet and room for monks, nuns, visiting scholars and pilgrims.
Although there are many Buddhist Monasteries, Centres in Nepal but Nepalese are not able to get teachings and practise of in Nepalese language, seeing this Triyana Dharma Centre got vision to teach them so TDC has been established and His Holiness The Sakya Trizin Rinpoche has inaugurated it. Now there are many Nepalese now getting knowledge of Buddhism through this Centre. This Centre needs more rooms, as day by day people are interested to learn and practise Buddhism. There aren’t any proper environments for lay practitioners. There are many who already took one and two months retreat in their own home but its difficult there, they also felt that Triyana Dharma Centre should have retreat house where all the members can take retreat.
Now more than 40 monks and nuns are studying in different monasteries and monastic universities in India and Nepal but when they got back after finishing their studies, they do not have room to live. Therefore we also need a room to live for them. 

Social & health service of Triyana.
For the social service Triyana Dharma Centre is planning to build Dharamsalas (rest houses for pilgrims) at pilgrimages sites, schools in remote villages and health posts. First priority project is for health service. Triyana Dharma Centre is planning to build health post at Mangkha Village in Sindhupalchok

Why health post is needed at Mangkha village?
Mangkha village is surrounded by other 5 village development committees in Sindhupalchok Distt Bagmati zone. It does not have even a small health-post. It really far away to go to the health post and it takes few hours on feet. Even people are not able to get normal medicines like sitamol etc.
It’s even difficult for the women, sometime they died during their pregnancy with lace of care, knowledge, help and not getting to health-post. There are even many people who died with small problem due to not having hospital.
According to the general survey of 2006 of government, papulation of the Ramche VDC is got 3419, Mangkha VDC 4537, Hagaam VDC 4506 and Puling Kot VDC got about 4531 in total 9586 from the all age group. Mangha village is the centre of the all of the five surrounding villages as well as it has highest number of population. Its also suitable place for the health-post, therefore Triyana Dharma Centre is trying to accumulate merit by building health-post; here we would like to request all the friends to join the virtues works. 

Sponsorship for monks and nuns:
At the time most of the monks and nuns of Triyana Dharma Centre are studying in different monasteries and monastic universities in India and Nepal. They all are Nepali from different part and ethnic group of Nepal.
Some are from the remote village of Nepal where even road is not accessible. Some are orphans, some have no father, and some have no mother. Most of them from poor family and some of them have many brothers and sisters so their parents are not able to look after them and also not able to send them to school.
Triyana Dharma Centre is trying to help those to study Buddhism, so we are only able to help a little as because this Dharma Centre itself gross-hood level, if anyone interested to help monks or nuns?
As mentioned, we seek to finance help for our nuns and monk’s basic necessities as well as for this Dharma Centre, any contribution, large or small will be very much appreciated. Even donation of penny would be a blessing for all of us. If any of you, willing to help us in some way we welcome their support.